Beautiful End to a Day

Lately, I’ve taken to noting the wonderful difference between organic coffee and regular coffee.  There’s a bitterness in coffee I liked to mask with too much sugar, flavors and cream.  I find that organic or fair-trade coffees don’t have the bitterness.  They are smoother.   It’s a little harder to find a coffee shop that offers organic coffee or even find a good source of organic beans, but it’s worth it.  I’m saving myself the toxic load from a highly sprayed, non-organic coffee crop and gain the advantage of greater enjoyment!

Tonight it’s a little different.  I decided to enjoy an organic rooibos chai cinnamon tea.  It’s caffeine free and quite tasty.  I love the soothing, warm feeling I get sipping it!  🙂  It works for the evening due to the fact that rooibos is a red tea which is naturally caffeine free.   Organic coffee and tea is worth the extra cost!

Imperial Organic - Organic Cinnamon Rooibus Chai Tea

As a note, I am currently beefing-up my qualifications by adding a Nutrition Coach Certification through NAFC, this is in addition to my personal health and nutrition studies (no certifications) over that past 2 years.  To gain some experience, I am taking on a few clients who will receive nutrition counselling services for free, however, with the condition that when they get results I may use their story anonymously as a testimony.  Simply comment that you are interested and I will provide my contact information.


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