I must confess

As I study for my Nutrition Coach exam, I find that there is so much to memorize – like names, sources, and function of all the vitamins and minerals and some other micronutrients as well as symptoms of deficiency and also of toxicity. I am finding it useful to broaden the study of vitamins to make it more meaningful to me.

This is leading to me to such amazing information that it’s very difficult to stay focused. I must confess I’m delving and dipping into many different topics of research that I so want to understand and write about. There’s an ocean of surprising information that fascinates me in part because their is so much research about it and it is not recognized and practiced in conventional medical practices. Oh how much illness could be prevented or corrected and healed with an approach that focuses on deficiencies and balancing hormones rather than one that focuses on relieving symptoms and balancing it with side effects!

Some of these topics include: methylation and MTHFR polymorphisms, vitamin B12 deficiency, the digestibility of protein from difference sources, which vitamins must be consumed together and the best forms and sources, iron deficiency, the history and processing of vegetable oils, weight loss and health of full fat dairy, manipulation of statistics in scientific papers and interpretations, the effects of statins on cholesterol, how sunlight exposure can lower cholesterol, and ON and ON and ON……

I can’t decide which to write about first and each topic is so large that the research would be extensive. I want to include information from books and papers. And then things are already so well written about in other sources and blogs so maybe just pointing you to other sources is the way to go. I have all these ideas rolling around, confidence is certainly an issue….

So my confession is confessed, perhaps I can better focus……

Perhaps, there will even be a couple people who read this who will comment and let me know what you would want to know about nutrition or Paleo? I would be grateful for comments……… help point the way for me!


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