Forgotten Interconnectedness: the importance of the connection to what nourishes me

A theme in my life over the past year has been my new-found passion for discovering where food comes from and of being mindful of how it is processed and its entire journey of how it got to be my food.  This mindfulness has inspired me, perhaps due to feeling connected to the natural cycle of life.  I think it’s why we say grace before a meal – in recognition of where our food came from, of the vastness and greatness of cycles and interconnectedness required to get each morsel of food on our plates to that point and of the recognition of what it will do for our body.  How can one not be overwhelmed with gratitude when we realize what it takes to feed us?  This is the kind of gratitude I refer to when I think of being “Gratefully Fed”.


I’ve drawn some inspiration today from an article written by Tovar Cerulli the author of “The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance”.  He points out that we rely on animals for the soil or sacrifice some living creatures, like worms or beetles, to keep plants growing.  There’s no getting around that fact.  But we can show reverence and respect for it.

I like that.  There’s something intensely deep about being able to look at a piece of meat in the store and knowing what the animal ate, how it lived before arriving there.  There’s something intensely deep and connected about knowing where the green pepper was grown, the details of how it was grown, ripened and prepared before finding my plate.

To go to the grocery store, look at the produce and think this piece of fruit or this vegetable was ripened artificially with chemicals and to go to meet my CSA with a box of fruit and veggies that I know were ripe when they were picked one or two days ago from local farmers that care about how they were grown is something so empowering and it keeps me connected to Mother Nature.  It’s so easy to forget, and so easy to be disconnected and so tricky to discover the steps involved in our ‘food’ supply.  It’s so satisfying to taste the difference between my grocery store lettuce and the local lettuce in my CSA box.  I can taste the difference in treatment, the simplicity in steps, and the nutritional value in them.  For this, I am grateful!  Oh, how I’ve missed FieldBoxes over the long winter season here in southern Alberta!

Update:  Now that I’ve settled in Kelowna area, the CSA that I favor is Urban Harvest Kelowna.  With the increase in prices for produce in the stores, I find that this CSA is economical, especially since it’s delivered and I can customize it at anytime!

How do you even begin to find out where our food comes from or how things are processed?  Here are some links to start.  I’ll add to the list as I can. I only list that which I have personally consumed or made and are among the best! Here goes:

My 5 Food Groups – Herbs & Spices, Healthy Fats, Proteins, Veggies & Fruit, Carbs (for exercise days)

FatsBalanced Bites, How Canola oil is madeWhich Fats Should You EatGood & Bad Fats,

Garden VeggiesA bit about what’s involved in growing a garden and the soilFor Good Soil,

Herbs & Spices – InfoHerbed SaltsList of Spices,

ProteinsCows & Sheep, Chicken, Heritage Berkshire PigGrassFed Cheese, Yak-Beef Cross,

Healthy Carbs (for exercise days or transitioning) –



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